Let me color your world

Color—it can be defined by words like hue, saturation or chroma. It can identify something describe something or define something. Color can also make a difference in your world. Using the right colors in your home or office can set the tone for your lifestyle enhancing the enjoyment of your home.

Adding new paint colors is a simple way to add your personality to your space. In just a few hours you can have a color palette that works with your lifestyle and existing furnishings. I'm passionate about helping you make your home or business reflect your style. I do it all; from helping you select interior and exterior color palettes to complete interior design jobs that start during the construction phase through installation of furniture. I also work with property managers and realtors on color consulting to home staging. I can specify your architectural surfaces from window coverings to furniture.

If you are re-building or want to start over with a complete new look, we'll start at the beginning. I can specify your architectural surfaces to window coverings and furniture. I don't use pre-set color schemes. I analyze your home or office, leading to the right colors and design for your space and your lifestyle.

Do you like to color outside of the lines, blend colors or have a passion for blue and gold? Whatever your pleasure, painting and design can be costly. Doing it right the first time is important. Working with a color and design consultant can make all the difference.
When I color your world I'll:

  • Highlight focal points and architectural details.

  • Unify diverse elements.

  • Achieve clarity and flow between spaces

  • Prepare your house or building for a quicker sale by giving the buyer a "good" feeling

  • Differentiate buildings with similar design

Are you ready to start coloring? Colors By Aimee 831-595-3748