The Process

It's important to meet where your project is so I can get an accurate feel of the area--lighting and other factors play a significant role in the design. There are so many things to consider when choosing colors and textiles—remember how hard it was to chose the right crayon when you were little—which shade of red should I use, it, or should it be green or blue? So much of it depended on what you were coloring or painting. The same applies to your home or office.

So many things can affect color including:

  • The time of day the area is most used.

  • What type of lighting is there?

  • What are the existing architectural elements? Is there a slate roof, brick foundation or non paintable surfaces on exterior projects?

  • For interior spaces, what are the existing furnishings that will be used such as rugs, throw pillows and art?

A Blank Canvas

This is your space and your ideas and your goals are important. After we tour the job site, we'll sit down and discuss your ideas and goals.for the site. We'll talk about your color preferences and the things you like and dislike. After all it's your coloring book! I always recommend that my clients start their own "wish book" and fill it with pictures from magazines or brochures of things that are appealing. This can be a helpful aid in getting your ideas across. From our discussion, and the existing furnishings or elements, I'll suggest an initial color direction.

Your Personal Coloring Box

The second meeting will involve taping color samples directly to the wall for evaluation. As we go through the process of adjusting color combinations, we'll narrow down the options until you're satisfied. Once colors have been finalized, and upon collection of my fee, you will receive a set of color names, numbers, sheens and placement for you and your painting contractor. This will be emailed to you along with a paid invoice. If needed, I will be happy to provide painting contractor recommendations for you.

The Accessory Box

Besides interior and exterior paint colors schemes, I also am available for all your Interior Design needs. Please see Services Page. I am also available to consult and purchase on your behalf the following items:

  • Building materials

  • Architectural finishes

  • Fabrics and furnishings

  • Flooring

  • Window coverings